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Comunity Minter reacted very impressive on listing BIP on CITEX last week. We talked with Laura (@laura_crypo) business development manager, who took part in organisation of listing BIP on CITEX. We asked her about exchange CITEX and about thoughts of Korean community about blockchain Minter.

-After listing on Citex there was an active positive reaction in community Minter. It was you who did this?

Yes I am the one that contacted Minter core team and tell them our interest, at first I am not sure you will be happy for our listing as it is initial launch, but Nikita said ‘you can list if you want, it is community-driven’, so we did it, glad we did.

-Did you managed this alone or somebody helped you?

For listing discussion it is me and Nikita, then when we finished the developing and need some test coins, Gafar helped me. And the developers in community help a lot when our developers got troubles.

-Reaction on listing on CITEX was different. What positive moments do you see in listing on CITEX. Why did you decide to make listing on CITEX?

CITEX is a good way for Minter to open up Asian market, we occupy big market share of China, meanwhile our globalization is better than many other Asian exchanges. Minter is a perfect object to enrich our Potential Board. I believe it is mutual beneficial.

-As I know, you joined Minter long ago. Why did you decide to make listing now?

We will pick up some good projects and observe the community for a while, and we will reach out our offer when we think the project pass the audit.

— CITEX is not very popular in Russia. Can you convince skeptics that trading on CITEX is secure?

CITEX’s core teams are all from top international financial, technological and Internet companies. They have rich experience and ability in technology research and development in independent research and development systems, distributed digital asset management and derivatives trading. They strive to improve the experiences of PC and mobile app products of CITEX based on the traditional large bank security level and the smooth experience of top Internet products. The platform keeps updating one version of PC and app products every week, constantly optimizes various safety factors and product experience.

CITEX is in the leading position of international exchanges in terms of server safety, account information safety, OCSA, hardware equipment of exchange, transaction password & withdrawal password safety, IP white list, anti phishing code, KYC certification, artificial intelligence dynamic risk control system, which fully protect the security and privacy of users’ funds.

-If something goes wrong while trading on CITEX, how problem can be solved?

CITEX has 24-hour manual customer service and online customer service system, users can ask any questions anytime, anywhere, and all the optimization suggestions put forward will be fed back to the management of CITEX as soon as possible.

-Does Minter have success future in Korea?

It depends on your marketing strategy, where will be your center. But CITEX can do help to promote Minter in Korea.

-What mast be done to make Minter popular in Korea? To your mind?

IMO it would be make more cooperation with Korea exchanges, projects and medias whose community is mainly from local.

-Do you know about any plans to make Korean validator or some other project on blockchain Minter?

No I am not sure about that.

-What do you want to say to community Minter?

Minter is really good, with an active community it attracts more investors. You may want to try to use CITEX exchange, as feedback from other communities, the experience is not bad :d.

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