MinteGo: project that helps children

MinteGo is a very impotran project of charity foundation. Thay help children in Nigeria and try to do their lifes a little bit better.

They came to blockchain Minter and found here strong support from Minter team and from teams that buid here their own projects.

We talked with Salami Tokunboh Akeem from the team MinteGo Charity Foundation and asked him about projct, reslts and plans on future.

-How long do you help children in your project?

 We started to help Children in our local communities but we got to know about Minter in May and we see it as a good platform and project to reach out to a better community to solicit for cos we have over 5 million children in orphanages that find it hard to access one good meal per day.

-Why did you choose Minter for using in your project?

It’s a great blockchain and we are happy to be part of the early adopters and it aligns with our vision and see blockchain as the future to raising funds for charity as it’s an open ledger (transparent) and also a good means to promote Minter and Cryptocurrency generally as a good cause in Nigeria.

-Do you use any other type of kryptocurrency in your project?

 No, but planning to integrate that soon.

-What results of your project can you point?

 We have visited over five orphanges distributing food items and also a local primary school in Lagos with distribution of book items. More bigger things planned for 2020.

-Was Grant from Minter team expexted for you? 

We never expected it from the team, infact Alex (Minter Magazine), Adebowale and I contributed from our own purse to start the project and later we got donation from Pope and some validators before the team’s contribution.

-How can you assess prospect of Minter development?

Minter is a unique project, a project that can have a sub-project under its blockchain and the work rate of the developers is fantastic. I say kudos to the team.

-What teams from Minter support your project MinteGo? Do you have partners in blockchain Minter?

 We have quite a few supporters and partners…Rundax Validator, Health Node Validator, MDS (Minter Development Squad) and Zen (Validator).

-What would you like to wish to community Minter on New Year 2020?

 I wish Minter project greater heights and achievement in 2020.

-Thank you for your answers! We wish you and your project to reach all aims that you are planning to reach!


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