Indian point of view


We talked with admin of @MinterIndiaChat Aditya and asked him about Indian community, their understanding of blockchain Minter, their plans and thoughts.

-Can you say that Minter is popular in India?

Currently not, but it will soon. 🙂

-What should be done to make Minter more popular in India?

To make Minter popular in India team need to do some expenditure in advertisement specially in YouTube segmant and some english AMAs.

— Now we have a Chinese validator in blockchain Minter. What do you think, how soon will appear an Indian validator?

As soon as Minter popularise in India.

— We saw a lot of users from India while it was possible to get some big airdrops. But distribution of big airdrops ends, and users are still hire. What attracts them?

Lots of them are interested to see TON integration and COSMOS Hub. Minter attract large number of Indian airdrop hunter but some potential investors also. The main problem is language barrier.

— You are a moderator of Minter India channel. Are there any messages about creating some projects in blockchain Minter?

Not yet … Hope I will get some soon.

— We know that there are a lot of talented programmers in India. When we will see any product on base of blockchain Minter?

Also as soon as Minter popularise in India.

— We know that cryptocurrency is very popular in India. Does Minter have good chances to become important player on this perspective market, in your mind?

According to me Minter has huge scope to grow in India… As in current situation people have lose there trust in traditional banks due to scams, so they want somewhere to invest without restriction Hence Cryptocurrency will be best option and Minter can take this advantage.

-What products are missed in blockchain Minter, in your mind?

I will like to have a product which show reliability of project by calculation of various parameters.

-Do you want to add something about Minter?

I want that Minter should adopt english language as main mode of communication.

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