How FunFaSy lowers the entry threshold for projects


Today we will talk about the FunFaSy service, which was recently introduced by the StakeHolder team. We conducted a short interview with Eugene and now we are ready to publish it.

Hi, Eugene. Tell us, what kind of service is it? Who is it for? And what does it give?

Hello. Well, look, every developer needs at least one API node for integration with Minter to read and write data to the blockchain.

But running a reliable node requires a decent level of technical knowledge and computing power.  Moreover, in the case of providing the product to a wide audience, there should be several nodes such API. They have to work 24/7 * 365 and must be operated by competent engineers.

All of this increases the entry threshold into the development of products in the Minter network and creates an obstacle to the introduction of blockchain in general.

Our service is designed to eliminate these obstacles!

FunFaSy is a technically complex system belonging to the class of infrastructure services (Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)). It consists of microservices and clusters of API nodes, and allows you to receive and write data to the Minter blockchain without running your own nodes.

This service is primarily intended for software developers who intend to apply blockchain. It lowers the login barrier and makes it easier for any developer connected to the service to access Minter data.

But there are other nodes in the Miner that give access to the API. Why should developers use your service?

If you are a developer, then you have a question about whether to raise your node and deal with its maintenance or find some third-party permanent and reliable service that will allow you to concentrate on your product.

Most of the other «… different APIs » are nodes whose owners created them for their own tasks and additionally provided temporary access to other users without guarantees. And at any time they can turn off or restrict access.

We are more than just API nodes:

— our project was created specifically to provide services for access to the blockchain for reading and writing

— we have extensive experience in the operation Of the Minter node and we are ready to respond quickly to changes and updates of the network

— we provide 24/7 service and guarantee certain resources to each project. You could say it’s part of our SLA

— thanks to analytical data, we enable developers to understand their own projects better.

 For developers, FunFaSy becomes a partner, providing a guaranteed point of connection and information exchange, through which it is possible to integrate with the Minter blockchain.

Well. What does FunFaSy give Minter in General?

In our opinion, infrastructure services (IaaS) are among the most important services for any network, as they are the Foundation for building any applications.

With FunFaSy, every developer will be able to easily implement the ideas of their projects in the Minter network, even with a minimum of technical knowledge in the field of infrastructure operation. So, FunFaSy makes Minter more accessible!

Scalability of the service and professional approach allows us to ensure the reception and delivery of a large number of transactions to many validators. It contributes to the achievement of high transactional performance of the entire network.

This fact will eventually give Minter the opportunity to realize its potential!

So, everything is clear about the developers. And what is the use of the service for ordinary delegates?

FunFaSy is an infrastructure service and it is not directly connected with ordinary users. But indirectly there is:

— Lowering the sign-in threshold for developers will increase the number and speed of final product launches.

— Many projects will probably issue their coins. Accordingly, network users will have an excellent opportunity to benefit from early participation in new projects.

— The more projects, the more transactions, which means more Commission and rewards.

But in order for this to happen, projects must consistently transmit and receive data from the network. And transactions on the network should be fast. At the heart of all of this is a robust underlying node infrastructure. And we provide such infrastructure!

Tell us a little about the team

The StakeHolder ( launches the FunFaSy service as a separate product.

Due to the fact that we have been in Minter since the Foundation of the network, and launched a node-validator, as well as their own infoservises, we are among the first to face the problem of the lack of public nodes. When we solved this problem for ourselves, we got a good result, which we later isolated into a separate product.

What are your plans for the future?

Now the service is in the status of minimum working product (MVP).  We are focused on fixing and optimizing the underlying architecture, the preparation of spare capacity and setting up monitoring systems.

As for plans for the future, we have a lot of them!

The global goal is to become the main, reliable gateway to blockchain access for all network projects. Simplify developers ‘ interaction with both the basic functionality of the Minter node and the aggregated information and help them easily implement their own projects.

More foreseeable prospects:

— We plan to make a public roadmap of the project.

— In the future, the project will be monetized, but the free tariff will remain.

— We are also planning IMO. Probably, we will produce it after the launch of version 1.1 Minter.

Well, now it seems, everything became more clear. Many thanks for answering the questions. I wish prosperity to your service and Minter, in General!

Thanks! Wish the same for MinterInsider


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