Minterinsider talked with Bit Cat team and asked them about their validator, market of China and Minter blockchain development.

-Where did you learn about Minter? Why did you decide to become validator?

Bit Cat team has been following the Russian market. Unlike other China blockchain teams, we have more experience investing overseas.

Bit Cat focuses on building blockchain based on PoS consensus. We has successfully run multiple cryptocurrency nodes such as Tezos, Cosmos, IRISnet. Minter validator is something we have been paying attention to and want to do.

— Do you belive the network is perspective? Are there any Chinese-speaking teams developing projects in Minter?

Due to language and habits, currently we are not plan developing projects. Currently, our main job is to promote Minter in China. We have recommended and introduced Minter many times in our community. A T-shirt with the Minter logo was also printed. In addition, we also plan to hold some offline meetings to discuss Minter.

-What should appear in Minter blockchain to enter market of China?

China’s current blockchain is very mature, but there are also many uncertainties. The most important thing to enter the Chinese market is compliance, but this is not yet possible.This takes time to wait.

We know that WeChat payments are popular in China. Is there any chance that Minter can displace the existing situation?

Yes, WeChat and alipay most popular in China. But these are not blockchains, and China has announced DECP. This will be a very big innovation. As a payment, this will not a good chance Minter, but there will be more suitable scenarios in other areas. Such as mobile blockchain application, seivice fort Russian users in China and so on.

-You are Chinese validator node, but you have small amount of Chinese-speaking delegators. What is the reason of this in your mind? How can blockchain Minter attract this delegators?

There are still very few Minter users in China, which is exactly what we need to do. Yesterday, we just helped Mother Minter validator do the translation work.

-Do you have any suggestions for Minter blockchain development?

I hope to see some tool type apps at Minter.Or an application combined with reality.

-What would you like to say to the Russian-speaking audience, except points I asked?

Welcome everyone to travel to China, is this counted? 🙂 As a Minter validator, I mainly want to say sorry to delegator, because there is no experience of running Russian validator before, which makes our node have some miss block and slash. After that we will do better.

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